Vietnam Travel – Quang Ninh

December 18, 2008

Vietnam Travel – Quang Ninh

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vietnam-travel-quangninh-imgHa Long Bay
Quang Ninh is a province located at the top of the North East Viet Nam, located between the east in the 106 º 26′-108 º 31’3”and the northern latitudes 20 º 40′-21 º 40 ‘, about the length from east to west is 195km, from north down south is 102km.

The northern borders Guangxi (China) border with sugar 132.8 km long and Lang Son provinces. The western borders Bac Giang, Hai Duong, the southern borders Hai Phong. Southeast of sea borders with East 250km coastline.

As a mountainous province coastal Quang Ninh have 80% of land area is mountainous. More than 2,000 islands floating on the surface of the sea is a large part of the mountain, with a total area of 620km ².

Topography is divided into the mountainous area, central region of Tours by sea island. The eastern mountain area of two mountains is the Quang Nam Chau and Cao Xiem have the height up to 1.400m. Western mountains are under the same wing with two North East summit and Yen Tu Am Vap higher on 1,000. Du central region and coastal plain: range of low hills and fields along the river and trien coast, in which contract with Hung Yen and the North East is rich and the rice bowl of the province. Discovering Ha Long Bay in Quang Ninh is a great choice for every Vietnam Travel trip.

Ha Long Bay
Climate Quang Ninh typical climate of the provinces of North Vietnam. A 4-year Spring, summer, autumn and winter. This is a sea of tropical monsoon. Summer heat, humidity, rain much, the wind is popular south wind. Winter cold, dry operation, less rain, wind northeast. The average temperature is about 21 annually º C. Available moisture annual average is 84%. The annual rainfall of up to 1,700 – 2.400mm, the number of rainy days on average is 90-170.

Potential of tourism development

Ti Top Island
Topography sea Quang Ninh not equal, the average depth is 20m, has a deep lach relics of ancient flows, and the underground rock bands as the birthplace of the principal coral reefs are very rich diversity. Special sea Quang Ninh with Ha Long Bay, natural heritage in the world with thousands of islands which are rocky terrain area karts worn-out cells are countries that make up the unique scenery, period vi unique in the world. Coastal areas and islands in Quang Ninh, apart from the beach compensation alluvium there are white sand, beautiful beaches, such as Tra Co, Quan Lan, Minh Chau, Ngoc Vung …

Yen Tu Festival
Quang Ninh province has nearly 500 historical relics, culture, art … associated with many traditional festivals, including the famous monuments of the country as Yen Tu Pagoda, Cua Ong temple, historical Bach Dang, Long Tien Pagoda, Quan Lan home … here are the attractions to the cross with the type of tourist culture, religion, especially in the festivals.

To Quang Ninh, tourists also have the opportunity to enjoy the foods are processed from the seafood species of sea Quang Ninh, including the special values such as customs dark, cells fishing, shrimp, crabs, cockles, banking, so ha, sa sung, vegetables question …

Ethnicity, religion

Lan Yen Tu pagoda
Go ethnic, Quang Ninh has 21 ethnic components, but only a 6-ethnic population with over one thousand people are Kinh, Dao, Tay, San Diu, San Chi, Chinese, the next are two peoples with the hundred Who is the Nung and Muong, fourteen races remaining population have less than 100 people. In the ethnic people, the Vietnamese (Kinh) accounted for 89% of the population. Among the ethnic minority origin have long-standing, who has two groups of Dao is the Y Thanh, Phan Thanh, often living in high mountain regions. They still keep the ethnic identity in language, clothing, festivals and customs of traditional practices. Tay people, the San Diu, San Chi in the mountainous areas of low and mainly live on agriculture with handicrafts in the eastern town, some others living in rural, agricultural production, fishing, working as forest .

As well as other locations, residents living in Quang Ninh is also the religion, beliefs, to worship as Buddhism, Catholicism, worship of money and some beliefs of other people. Buddhism was introduced in Quang Ninh early on, since thousands of years ago and most people in Quang Ninh currently under Buddhist. 14th century, parks and Yen Tu Quynh Lam (North East) is the center of Buddhism in Viet Nam. Many centuries later Buddhist continue to be maintained with hundreds of pagoda in Quang Ninh, in which the temple is famous as apologetic Am (Hoanh Bo), Khanh Linh (Tra Co), Ho Thien (North East ), Linh Quang (Quan Lan) … After trying many variables of history, the destruction of nature and of man, now in Quang Ninh only remaining temple over 30 scattered in 8 districts, city.

Temple festival Cua Ong
Taoist God in Quang Ninh at the end of the 17th century, now có 27 churches of 9 porcelain includes 41 religion they are located in 8 districts and towns of the province. Dao Cao Ðai in Hung Yen and Cam Pha town since 1940, following lui tan gradually, at present only by a few dozen people.

On the popular belief of most popular for residents living in Quang Ninh is the worship of money, you worship the Prime Minister Tran up to the house with water, the position of Emperor, the Genie (Son spirit, than Bush, Thuy spirit) and the worship of Mau (Mau Lieu Hanh, Mau Thuong Ngan, Mau Thoai). Get your best Vietnam Travel Deals from Viet Vision Travel.


Roadway: Route Hanoi – Bac Ninh – Ha Long 155km long, is the route most convenient and shortest, without the ferry.

Airlines: Tue weekly with the helicopter depart from Gia Lam airport (Hanoi) to go directly to Ha Long Bay.

Waterway: Daily flights have 4 ships Hai Phong – Ha Long and vice versa.


Quang Ninh approves tourism project in Van Don

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vietnam-travel-quangninh-img02Van Don Economic Zone in the northern province of Quang Ninh will have a 300-hectare tourism complex worth US$112mil as the provincial government just approved the project last Friday.

Vu Nguyen Nhiem, chairman of the provincial government, told the Daily that he signed the investment certificate, allowing the 167 Joint-Venture Co., Ltd. to develop the luxury tourism complex.

It is the biggest tourism project licensed into Van Ron since July when Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung agreed to develop Van Don District into an economic zone.

He said the investor would develop many tourism facilities in the complex including a 27-hole golf course, a five-star hotel of 15 stories, villas for rent, resort area, and an outdoor concert area among others.

Nhiem said during 42 months, the investor, which is a Vietnam-U.S. joint venture, would build major works for the complex such as the golf course and the hotel. It is also seeking permission from the Prime Minister to build a casino section there.

Van Don Economic Zone covers the entire precincts of Van Don District with the total area of 2,200 square kilometers, and comprises 600 islands and islets in Bai Tu Long Bay of Quang Ninh Province.

Nhiem said some tourism projects have been licensed into the zone but most of them are of small scale. Currently, some investors are surveying the investment potentials in the zone.

The provincial, government will work with the National Institute for Urban and Rural Planning under the Ministry of Construction to organize a contest to seek the best ideas to make an overall planning scheme for Van Don Economic Zone.

“We have established an organizing committee and will launch the contest soon to call for foreign and local consultants to contribute the best ideas for the zone’s development,” Nhiem said.

Quang Ninh tough against travel boats to save Halong Bay

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vietnam-travel-quangninh-img03The northern province of Quang Ninh is taking drastic measures against tourist boats in Halong Bay to keep the world’s natural heritage site from being spoiled by environmental pollution, a provincial leader said on Monday.

Vice chairwoman of the province Nhu Thi Hong Lien told the Daily that the province has just issued a temporary ban on the building of new tourist boats for navigating on the bay, and would also tightly supervise operational boats there.

“We are in the process to reject old and low-quality boats to protect the environment,” lien told the Daily on the sidelines of a meeting in the Rex Hotel in HCMC to promote the province’s year of tourism festivals.

Halong Bay covers 1,500 square kilometers with nearly 2,000 islands and islets, but just 10 islands of them are open for tourists’ sightseeing. Last year, around 3.6mil tourists came to the province, and most of them visited the world heritage site.

Currently, hundreds of boats are taking thousands of tourists on sightseeing tours on the bay each day, and some 100 boats are also catering to tourists who want to stay overnight on the bay.

However, most of the boats lack waste treatment facilities, which coupled with the exhaust fumes from these boats are putting environment on the bay at risk.

“We’ve seen the danger and decided to take steps for environment protection along with activities to promote the beauty of the bay,” Lien said.

From now on, those boats and ships chosen to cater to tourists’ demand to stay overnight on Halong Bay must be high-quality ones meeting three-star standard to make sure that they are safe for Halong Bay’s environment, she said.

“We want to develop this kind of the travel because it is attractive for tourists, especially for foreigners but we must be careful in adding new boats in the next time,” lien said.

The province is also planning other methods to protect Halong Bay’s environment.

“First, we will spend a big budget on environmental protection,” she said.

According to Lien, the budget will come from the provincial government, from the sales of tickets to visit Halong Bay, and from entrepreneurs.

“For example, we call on entrepreneurs to collect rubbish, and tourist boats on the bay must pay for environment fees,” she said.

Lien said that all activities are aimed to help achieve sustainable development for the tourism industry, now that Halong Bay has been entered into a competition to be recognized as one of the world’s seven wonders of nature.

In the meeting on Monday, Quang Ninh Province announced Halong Tourism Festival 2008, which will take place from April 25 to May 1 this year.

The main activities of the festival will include the Carnival Festival, art and culture performances, a trade and tourism fair, a food festival, sport activities, and activities to call on more people to vote for Halong as one of the world’s seven wonders of nature.

These festivities will take place in Bai Chay Ferry wharf, Bai Chay Bridge, and Cua Luc Bay. Around ten cities from such countries as Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, and China will join art activities and the fair there.

The fair is expected to attract 200-300 booths of 150 companies.

Quang Ninh sea port gets PM’s green light

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vietnam-travel-quangninh-img01Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung emphasised that building the Hai Ha sea port was an indispensable measure to develop economy, during a working visit to the northeastern border province of Quang Ninh Province yesterday.

“Building the Hai Ha sea port is essential in the strategy for the economic co-operation development plan ‘Two Corridors, One Belt’ in the northern economic region,” Dung told provincial leaders and investors.

The Prime Minister said Hai Ha District had several advantages to become an industrial area in the future. He noted that the district must be an industrial centre-sea port, and a big shipbuilding and repairing centre, not only serving socio-economic development in the country but also expanding to co-operate with its peers from neighbouring China.

“In the next decade, Hai Ha will become a big industrial, trade, tourist and service centre in Quang Ninh Province and in the whole country as well,” Dung said.

He applauded Mong Cai City for its socio-economic achievements, helping to guarantee national defence and security, and building friendly co-operation relations with localities on both sides of the Viet Nam-China border.

As a border city in the northeast of the country, holding in an especially important position on the trans-Asian route, a gateway between Viet Nam, China and ASEAN countries as determined by the Two Corridors, One Belt’ strategy, Mong Cai should promote its strength and potential to live up to its status, Dung stressed.

During his stay in the province, Prime Minister Dung heard provincial authorities and investors report on the implementation of some projects and industrial zones in the districts of Van Don, Hai Ha, Mong Cai and Yen Hung.

The Prime Minister agreed with their proposals to borrow preferential loans to build an industrial zone and a sea port in Hai Ha District as well as an airport in Van Don District.

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